Sign Up Now for our Jedi Training Summer Camp.  Have you ever wanted to train as a Jedi  or Sith, well this is your chance.  We are calling on future Jedis and Siths who want to learn to use the lightsaber, learn how to battle with this weapon and have lots of fun in the process.  This camp includes training, snacks, food and a training video we will be releasing at the end of the week.  Feel free to bring your own Light Saber or you can purchase a high quality combat light saber from us for $69!

Taking Reservations now! Do it soon, it is Free to Reserve a Spot, no payment will be taken until May 15 of 2018.

1st Camp from Monday 7/16/2018 until Friday 7/20/2018.

(20 spaces available!)

2nd Camp from Monday 8/13/2018 until Friday 8/17/2018.

(20 spaces available)

Early Drop off time: 8:30am everyday.

Full Day:  From 8:30am until 2pm – $55 per day. (Reserve your spot before May 1st, 2018 and get 15% off)

Extended Day:  From 8:30am until 5pm – $65 per day. (Reserve your spot before May 1st, 2018 and get 15% off)

Attire: No need for official uniform, just street clothing.  Jedi/Sith outfits allowed and encouraged.

General Conditions:  By signing up for this camp you release Auza Li Schneider, LLC. dba United Studios of Self Defense Fountain Valley from any and all liability should an accident occur while at the camp.  You agree to share with all the instructors and staff of any allergies and medical conditions they should be aware of before starting.  You can bring your own saber or purchase one from us for only $69.  Lunch will be provided for Full day and Extended Day participants.  Note that after 2pm, we will also be having Homework club which is included for participants of Full day as well.

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